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Dandy Drawers are heavy-duty, hi-impact, plastic storage drawers. A simple saw cut in a standard width board is all that's needed for a smooth acting drawer slide. You can easily build custom cabinets to satisfy your own unique needs. They make efficient use of valuable space.

Drawer dividers increase the versatility of the Dandy Drawers by organizing smaller items into convenient sections. These drawers are ideal for many areas of the home or business including your stamp collection, model parts, kitchen aids, make-up, sewing items, desk and office accessories, garage tools, nails, or nuts and bolts.


Ever had one of those 'Bargain' brand storage cabinets with the clear plastic drawers and the flimsy metal frames? Remember when you filled the drawer and the thin metal buckled under the weight binding all the drawers so they stuck? How about grabbing the stuck drawer handle and having it snap off in your hands? Not with Dandy Drawers! Click on the picture on the right to see how Dandy Drawers stand up to the competition.

Dandy Drawers are made by:

Baumbach Engineering Company